Saturday, 1 March 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been suffering with man flu recently, and as I'm too stubborn to take sick leave I'm suffering when I'm at home.

I will be back once I've got a few nights sleep.

By the way, I've found out what Man-Flu is called when women have it.

It's "Bird-Flu" of course.

I'll get my coat...


Clearly I'm a Google Admin :D said...

I'm afraid sir, you've just been disconnected from blogger for that joke.



"gunner" said...

i'm not so bloody sure that was a joke, i tried to click on atns in my favourites list and got a google "server error" message the first couple of tries. as to "area's" original joke, i would hardly think it called for any "action", i've heard a great many worse in my time. get some rest mate, and have a bowl of hot chicken soup, its good for most any ailment.

Sparkly Dancer said...

Hahaha, I was getting that today too... :D

Rest, soup, and TEA is the order of the day... there is NEVER an occasion when tea is not good.

gunner, I'm probably the one that TOLD those worse jokes that you heard... I'm full of them :D

nuttycow said...

I hope you're on the mend soon.

The less said about that joke, the better.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thought that was funny?

Emma said...

Until that last comment you where going to get lots of you can talk to the hand!!! I give in hope you feel better soon Area..xx

TheBinarySurfer said...

On the bright side Area, now is a good time to take all your SMT aside for those close, personal 1-1 chats they've been wanting with you for a while.

Odds of them making a convenient excuse and backing out of the room anyone?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Area, and console yourself with the fact that ill as you may be, that joke is nearer death than you are...

Mousie said...

LOL! Of course, the difference between the two is that, as everyone knows, bird flu is actually real!

Bless you, you poor thing. Give me a shout if you want some tea and sympathy.

Mousie xx

Sparkly Dancer said...

Right you, apology accepted...


Yours sincerely,
The Drunken Irish Girl
(Who has just waked her friend's dad cos she coudln't get home to the funeral and wake at home :) )

Please keep blogging :D

"gunner" said...

caid mile failte sparkly dancer, and not to worry about the jokes, most of my dates were female marines when i was a fresh young lance corporal and they could make a gunnery sergeant blush. even worse were their cadence calls when marching.

Sparkly Dancer said...

awww thanks Gunner :D

I've no doubt that women can and have done that! :D We're divils at the end of it all!

and now, off to Mass, and to celebrate St Patrick's day the wya it's supposed to be celebrated, with an irish céilí! :D

"gunner" said...

sparkly dancer
not to hijack atns' blog but to the irish and all their friends
"Beannachtai na Feile Padraig!"
and drinking your health from the bottle of tullamore dew that i swindled from a leprechaun in ransom for his pot of gold.

Sparkly Dancer said...

Ah I think we've done that already ;) We may as well continue! :D (<3 to ants :D )

Sláinte (cheers) to you gunner, I drank my help with a lot of magners last night.. and plan on doing so again tomorrow when it's paddy's day! It's a complicated one this year, two paddy's days! :D

I think I had tullamore dew before... I don't think they sell it in ireland, or it's illegal or something. I could be thinking of something else (and probably am ;) ) Enjoy the alcohol, and I'll have one for you tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

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