Saturday, 30 August 2008


Nurses - the biggest friends of coppers, or their greatest cause of downfall?


Incidentally, despite what the gorgeous, innocent, fresh faced Nurse tells you whilst visiting their hospital, it is important to remember a few salient points.

1 - You are a male in his twenties, talking to a young nurse. What organ do you really think you are using for your thinking?
2 - Despite her relatively short life, she is not nearly as innocent as you think and will have dealt with and done things you haven't. Don't even try and cross her.
3 - She won't be impressed by your stories, so don't even try.
4 - If you mess up with her (and you probably will - see point one again), you may face the prospect of having an entire A&E shift turn against you. This is bad. You then may face the very real prospect of having to go there for medical treatment after an injury on duty. This is very bad.
5 - Despite what they tell you, Ethanol and Dr Pepper is NOT an appropriate substitute for "real" alcoholic drinks. You will get sick, I promise. See point two again.

And don't say I didn't warn you.


Area Trace No Search said...

And by the way, do you have any idea how hard it was to find a picture of a girl in nurse uniform that WASN'T pornographic!?

Oi said...

Its always puzzled me why so many cops are married to nurses.

[including yours truly, there were 5 on my section, at one time]

Little Paramedic said...

...and there was me thinking you were only interested in us ambo girls!!!


dickiebo said...

Experience teaches!

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Nurses terrify me, a bit like moths. Mind you, I like the sound of the drink 'Dr Peppanol'.

roy in nipomo said...

"Its always puzzled me why so many cops are married to nurses."

1. Nurses understand shift work and sleeping during the day is not "taking a nap,"

2. Cops' sense of humor (finding something to laugh about in tragedy) is shared by nurses,

3. Nurses share the feeling of duty being more important that social,

4. When your days are upside-down (i.e. night shift), nurses and cops find each other the only (fairly) sane, honest and balanced folk that they have contact with. Other people (even the honest ones) are usually found in distressful/highly emotional situations.

My guess - but what do I know, I've been in the comm center for 35 yrs and married to a teacher (since before I got the job).

thoughts running through my head.... said...

shame male nurses arent all that!!now,LFB................

Beepy said...

The nurses run the hospital. The only people they fear are the domestics.

My only complaint is its very hard to tell what people in hospital do now as they're uniforms all look the same. Nurse, physio, radiographer, domestic, doctor, porter


Makes it difficult to figure out who you should be nice to in order to get toast ;)

petrolhead said...

Personally, I prefer the hot ambulance crews around here. I was lucky enough to get a visit from an incredibly gorgeous paramedic when I was in hospital last month. Ohhhh yeah!! ;)

The nurses, unfortunately, were either female or 45+ year old blokes!

Benj said...

Nurses scare me.
A and E nurses scare me lots
A and E nurses with a big needle.....Give me a madman with an axe any day!!!

TheBinarySurfer said...

I have a friend who's a senior nurse at the local A&E and apparently all the doctors are terrified of her (the nurses run the hospitals, lets not pretend here!).

Area - the hardships you undergo for this blog ;) (having to browse naked nurse pictures)!

Steve said...


Why oh why could you have not posted this last week??DOH!

Anonymous said...

I have a huge amount of time for the nurses at the A&E on our patch - i brought a scrote in once with a dog bite (he legged it from a stolen car & got introduced to our local land shark) & the only question they all asked was "is the dog OK?"

Some lovely ladies amongst them, however, some of our local (female) paramedics...*sigh*

BUT, roy in nipomo, a word of warning, don't EVER call a radiographer "nurse" - having been one myself prior to joining the job, they don't take kindly to it!!

TheBinarySurfer said...

This is a big OOPS eh area?

roy in nipomo said...

Anonymous 10:16:

"BUT, roy in nipomo, a word of warning, don't EVER call a radiographer "nurse" - having been one myself prior to joining the job, they don't take kindly to it!!"

Since I've been married for 37 yrs & retiring after 35 yrs, I suspect that I'll just be calling all of them "Ma'am" or "Sir" (some have access to really BIG needles and aren't afraid to use them!) Polite doesn't cost me anything.

Shame on me, I was using "nurse" as shorthand for all medical workers (lazy of me, I know) with which "dark zero hundred hours" contact is made.

loveinvienna said...

Just catching up on some of your posts ATNS... and hehehe :P

Us uniformed girls... we like watching you go a bit pink around the ears ;) In the nicest possible way. We like you. You make us feel safe at night. That's sexy.

You know, it does work both ways, don't you? Had some coppers come round to our Uni house a few months back (looking for a suspect in a fraud case who had registered our address as his own) and the Inspector was rather nice... we were all of a flutter ;) but lord, did they feel uncomfortable at being found at 7am on a Saturday morning in a house full of sleepy, pyjama/nightie-clad young women. Offered them a cuppa but they both went red and shuffled out of the door looking a bit contrite after doing the briefest of searches around the house for said suspect. Shame.

Liv xxx

loveinvienna said...

PS. At least, from what I remember he was an Inspector. The Sergeant kept calling him Guv, and I think he had the two pips.

Anonymous said...

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