Wednesday, 30 January 2008


After working seventeen days straight, I usually look to the outside world to give me occasional bursts of sanity. THIS and THIS surprised me, and made me wonder if the BBC was on a wind up.

I know Stop and Search is a risky topic, but Police Paperwork is a constant issue and this appears to be a "Politicians in Talking Common Sense Shocker."

The problem is of course, if the forms are scrapped, how can we be measured on things we do? Our many and myriad departments demand a certain number of stop and search forms from each officer to prove that he or she is working, how will they justify the existence of us Police Officers now?

In fact, there are people within my division paid full time to re type the details of the stop and searches on to a database. And others paid to compile the statistics that we create through them. And others paid to dip sample them, and present them to the senior management team.

This could be fatal. This could well be a move that will both reduce beaurocracy AND save money.

Surely someone in Government will scupper this plan, before wide spread common sense breaks out?

On another note, sorry for the gap in posting, I have no doubt that it has not effected most of you, but if it was distressing a counselling service is available. Please write to my duties office and tell them I need more time off.


Emma said...

I am severely distressed what have you got to offer? back..xx

TheBinarySurfer said...

Ouch - that many shifts in a row. I used to live with and old mate of mine who was a coper - he did 11 in a row a few times and nearly went stir-crazy!

Metcountymounty said...

I bet your laundry basket was impressive after that stint mate!!

We've got a couple of people at my nick who's sole job is to collate the 5090's (Met stop slips) which they irritatingly choose to do in the PC's writing room instead of their office every morning taking up one of the 3 working computers out of the 7 we have in there.

If they need a record of the stops how hard is it for metcall to create a stop cad and then just copy and paste the pnc result onto it? all you would have to do then is note down the cad number and then you're done. Much easier, metcall then get to say how many wonderful cad's their people create thereby justifying their existence and we get to spin someone and not fill out a needlessly long form that you can't read in the dark. Bit too simple though for some people I would imagine.

Roses said...

17 shifts?! You must have a constitution of iron - not to mention your local takeaways on speed dial. How do you do this? Why do you do this?

I'm finding that I am almost incoherent with the distress you've caused me by working so many shifts without a break. You're making me feel like I'm under achieving only doing a 42 hour week last week.


So what will you do, if you're not spending 4 hours on paperwork per case?

RandomPinkness said...

Yes, a small part of me has died inside, I most assuredly need someone to comfort me through this trying time. ;)

TWINING said...

ASNT - see this for a tribute to you. Now, please take a rest man.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

why dont they just give out PDA's and do all the recording instantly!?There are *some* forces that do that!!I actually dont agree with not issuing forms,tbh,I get so much info out of them in the time it takes to fill out a form or whatever and there are numerous other things they could scrap to cut down on paperwork-I cant see how this will cut down on time that much??

Whichendbites said...

Have no fear and rest assured that any effort to reduce the amount of transparent accountability we have by way of writing stuff or form filling will be more than reversed by the ever increasing methods of stuff we need a computer to sit at to complete.

Reducing writing and getting officers onto the streets more ? Absolute tosh. Everything is going digital and computers are vital to this management nightmare.

Why ?

Because it leaves a visible and auditable trail and is easier for the managers to manage without doing anything else themselves.

This also leaves them more time to find ways of being seen to be managing and justifying their own existence.

BritishPatriot said...

Put the Kettle on, worth a watch, Please pass on the link.

"gunner" said...

i've been getting these "zietgiest" things in my e-mail from some shiela named "jennifer". anyone know what's this in aid of? and no, "british patriot", i'm not passing anything along on anybody's say so without checking it out carefully for myself.

Anonymous said...

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