Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Keep Cool

That was the good news, as provided by an anonymous commenter. Thank you.

Now, go look HERE at Gadget's blog.
Most of the time I avoid any type of political comment on the Police. Gadget, Copperfield, Nightjack and many others have that covered in a more eloquent way than I could ever hope to do. In fact, you'll be pleased to know that due in part to my dimness, and also in part to my being knackered, it took me three attempts to spell "eloquent" just then.

However, Gadget's post above just infuriates me. A particularly brave officer is injured and the Chief Constable unable to comment as he is a serving officer.
As a serving Police Officer myself, there's obviously no way I'd suggest that people should email into the Police Force mentioned and take the Chief to task for what I see as pretty appalling behaviour on his part.

It's just what I'd do if I wasn't in the job.
But I am.
So I won't.

Watch the video again, it'll make you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have utterly failed to keep cool after reading Mr Gadget's post and I can't watch the video without bringing unwanted attention to my desk.

The *least* Mr Bristow should do is heat up some word soup for Mr Doherty.

I hope you got more support when you were injured on duty!

Blue Eyes said...

Self deprecation doesn't suit you Area!! Everyone knows you aren't dim so stop pretending...

MTG said...

Bravo, ATNS. Finally, a policeman unafraid to sport principles - even if it means disagreeing with another. I hope the police service can be rescued and restored by you and many more like you.

Gadget revels in a temporary position as most damaging UK police blogger. Coarse, obscene, intolerant of criticism and too arrogant to correct mistakes, his blog wallows in libel, malicious falsehood and political sabotage/interference.

Such long term inappropriate behaviour from a senior policeman has resulted in tremendous damage and negatives. The great pity is that properly used police blogs always held the potential to enhance police reputations and draw a closer relationship with the communities they served.

Government and bystanders waited for the fulfillment of a promise to work closer with the public. In his damaging crusade, Gadget has helped to further split an already divided society. His blog foolishly maintains Police are always in the right with public/politicians ridiculed as ever wrong. Yet Gadget's divisiveness is dependent upon a gang of uneducated police commenters and sock puppets, combining forces to bring UK Police to the level of the gutter.

A response is coming and hopefully, the identification of all the culprits will result in a satisfactory outcome for government, good police and public. The process must be concluded with assistance to individuals for pursuing named culprits in civil actions as a result of cowardly and unwarranted attacks, hosted and approved by 'Gadget'.

Dr M T Gray

PC Blogs A Lotte said...

Great vid.. I went on Youtube and found the full video clip of it, quite funny to see it all in context as he just kinda does it out of the blue.

Oh yeah.. the Inspectors post pisses me off so I'm not even going to comment (which is unusual for me).

Anonymous said...


You obviously don’t like Gadgets blog, but I suspect this has more to do with the fact that many of your comments on his blog (and others) were not well received, than any kind of notion that his blog is ‘dividing society’ as you put it. I peruse a number of blogs after a busy shift, and I have seen a number of your posts in various different blogs (you must have a lot of time on your hands). By and large your posts can best be described as inflammatory, in some cases rude (calling police officers ‘uneducated’ is never helpful), and I believe the modern phrase would be 'trolling.' When people read many of your posts, they are inevitably offended, and then respond in kind, and you then throw your teddy in the corner and send letters to various MP’s demanding that the offenders should be exposed and sacked.

As someone who has worked in the police for ten years, I support the vast majority of what Gadget has written on his blog, for no other reason than everything he has said is true. You might not like this, but this is the reality. There ARE serious deficiencies is police management (calling it leadership would be too generous), and I see from some of your other posts that you do not approve of criticism of the judiciary. Well I hate to break it to you, but incase you didn’t notice from the lawless state of the streets around the UK, there ARE serious issues with the judiciary, or are you suggesting that all the police bloggs out there, and people posting on these blogs are for no apparent reason making it all up? What these blogs do is help expose these failings, so maybe someone somewhere will pay attention to what they are saying, and do something about it, rather than just burying our heads in the sand and pretending that everything’s wonderful so we don’t offend. Take for example the David Copper field’s book 'Wasting Police Time,' which exposed the horrendous beurocracy and inefficiencies in the police, this was written by the author of a police blog, and if it were not for the blog and the book (which was brought up in parliament), there would never have been any attempts to reduce police burocracy (how successful they have been is another question).

I would suggest that given that Gadget, and the other ‘uneducated’ officers who post on his blog work full time in law enforcement, which you do not, you should perhaps give their views more consideration and credence. I suspect the real issue that you have, is that many people just do not agree with you, because (at least based on your posts), you have no experience in law enforcement or the judiciary, have no qualifications in these fields, and thus have no idea what you are talking about, but for some reason, because you have spent a number of years at university in the student union bar as a ‘professional student’ (I also went to university and its not exactly hard work), you still seem to think that you ‘know better.’

MTG said...

Latest crowing from the Gadget blog:-


Arrogant and insulting jibes have placed Chief Constable Bristow in the public stocks, yet again, by the now infamous Gadget. Inspector Gadget then invites the obligatory coarse comments from a rabble following, hiding behind their monster masks.

Who will rid us of this meddlesome priest?

Dr M T Gray

H said...

hi there gorgeous how are you?
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