Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Bill

The Bill - embarrassingly, I shed a tear.


Aimee said...

Me to. I love Sunhill.
The place where CID & Uniform work side by side, helping each other. Where the Sgt & Inspector go to jobs, where everything is solved in a day, and they always get a meal break.

I'll never get to transfer now!

MTG said...

Quite right. Innocent peeps could have been tempted to watch an episode.

Blue Eyes said...

You are alive! I was beginning to worry. I haven't watched The Bill since it was moved to a slot way past my bedtime, so I have to make to with The Shield on DVD.

There is nothing unmanly about getting emotional about the flickering screen. Sleepless In Seattle still does it for me.

Rach said...

So did I Area, good to have you here even if only a few words, hope your ok? x

blueknight said...

I remember when we used come in early on Nights to watch The Sweeney...

Libby said...

Area! You're alive! Missed your blogging. And there's nothing wrong with crying at the TV. Snort.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Having never watched 'The Bill' I must ask fans to recall episodes of police murdering citizens; stealing their cars to plough private gardens; fixing and planting evidence or throwing an innocent 5ft 2in woman on to a concrete floor, knocking her unconscious.

No? Entirely fictional then?

blueknight said...

..police murdering citizens; stealing their cars to plough private gardens; fixing and planting evidence or throwing an innocent 5ft 2in woman on to a concrete floor, knocking her unconscious.
But no diversity issues so it's all OK
13 years of Nulabor running the show

Sierra Charlie said...

As a kid, Smithy was my hero.

MTG said...

Excuse my straying from topic to mention a serving woman police constable of the highest integrity. Had it not been for this brave officer, yet another miscarriage of justice would have been orchestrated - courtesy of her corrupt male colleagues.

There will be neither praise nor compliments for her on police blogs because she is PC Rachel Webb, the courageous woman who 'dobbed in' that piece of garbage, Sgt Mark Andrews.

As if his main deed was not bad enough, nauseating attempts to cover up his crime have emerged during his trial.

Collusion by officer 'mates' led to perjury in the witness box and these officers did all they could to compromise the case with deceit and lies. Their evidence obliged the trial judge to refer the liars back to their own Chief Constable.

We citizens have seen many attempts by rogue police to compromise justice and there are 'no lessons learned'. In UK courts today, police officers will lie on oath to clear themselves and defeat Justice. Our entire Judicial System has been brought into disrepute by prevalent corruption.

In general we are no longer served by police, save for the brave 'few' and I express fears for reprisals against PC Rachel Webb. Moves may have already been devised to stain by any means, her shining 24 carat character and future career prospects.

I merely ask of our politicians, "When will the much overdue purge of uniformed criminals and traitors, begin?"

TheBinarySurfer said...

Nice to see you're back blogging ATNS. I must admit i'm working my way through 'The Wire' for the second time and loving it :D

Anonymous said...

ATNS your alive!! Had to keep checking the notices, was getting worried the 5P's might of got you

Tom said...

If I'm going to shed a tear, it's because of your lack of postings.

Come back Area, all is forgiven.

Tuesday Books said...

Coming soon to a blog near you:


Anonymous said...

It was all going to be sad at the end, then I noticed during the credits- 30 seconds after the superintendent vacates his allocated parking space, somebody parks a marked Astra in it.. and nobody runs out yelling. Must be fiction after all.

Sierra Charlie said...


Rachel said...

It was such a shame! The Bill lost it's way a few years back and became more soap-like as the officer's private lives became more of the focus, however it picked itself up and regained my interest, if a little too late. :-( I let slip a tear or two too and the childhood impulse of wanting to be a Police Officer reared it's possessive head also.

Area Trace No Search said...

Thank you everyone for your comments.
Hopefully I will be blogging again now.

Rachael - if you are interested in joining, you should go for it. It's a great job all told, despite the bullshit that goes with it.

Anonymous said...

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