Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Babcock? Present!

Breaking news: albeit entirely expected, the coroners court has found that the officers who shot Mark Saunders were justified.
Good to see the result, and it appears the AFOs involved spoke honestly and openly about the situation they faced. I hope the Saunders family can start to move on with their lives now, and put the incident behind them.
I also hope that the firearms officers involved can do the same, despite the stresses they've obviously been under since the incident.

In other news- ok, in my life - there has been a long and so far unexplained absence since my last significant post.

DUring the past few months (and before the last post I made) I have been subject to a false complaint from someone I had dealt with at work. Sadly, the complaint was serious enough to be dealt with by our Department for Professional Standards rather than dealt with on Division.
I've now been given the all clear after the long and uncomfortable wait and the investigation.

I obviously can't talk about the details of the complaint, but my job and mortgage comes first, so during the investigation blogging came to a screeching halt. Apart from the slightly drunk post about The Bill of course.

Suffice to say that during the complaint, I was fully supported by both my senior management, and by my immediate management in my current team and my last.
No one backpedalled desperately on finding out I had a complaint, no one refused to associate themselves with me, and no jobs were put at risk or dropped as it was easier than dealing with the fact I had a complaint against me.
No opportunities to apply for promotion or transfer were denied to me through having a malicious complaint ongoing, and I was fully supported all the way and wholeheartedly by the senior officers who I talked to.
And of course, at the end of the complaint after being informed that the complaint was foundless, I was then naturally told that the complainant would be spoken to regarding their repeated attempts to muddy the waters around an ongoing case and make scurrilous accusations.

Some of the above paragraph may not be entirely accurate.


Blue Eyes said...


Phew, now I can read the post.

Blue Eyes said...

Christ, it sounds like you've been through the mill, Area. Hope you managed to keep a sense of humour about you.

I'm sure I am speaking for lots of your readers when I say:


Area Trace No Search said...

Congratulations BE, something I still haven't properly achieved yet on Gadget's blog.

Joe said...

Sorry to hear that you've been through it, good to see that you've come through the other side unscathed!
I'm sure someone from management will speak to the person involved, and advise them on a few key terms that they could drop into the next complaint!

Area Trace No Search said...

Joe - good point.

I think that if I ever decided to make a complaint about the Police, I've learnt more than enough phrases to drop into it to make the SMT tie themselves in knots in worry.

MTG said...

The notion of humour on Gadget's blog is as ridiculous as fitting something beneficial into a vacuum.

I trust you are well, Area?

TonyF said...

It really annoys me that you have to jump through non existent hoops to prove that you didn't do wrong, and yet 'swamp dwellers' get away with real murder.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and I'm glad you're through this unscathed.


Sam said...

Good to see you back ATNS. Was getting a little worried there.

Looking forward to reading you blog again. I've changed tact since the Ambulance Nut went tits up at the start of the year and I now blog about my outdoor adventures instead. I qualified for my paramedic in April though and all well at work.

Dr Melvin (Banned from police blogs) Gray said...


Recent events unfold deep hostility of a very disaffected public towards Gestapo methods of an out-of-control police. Successive governments have mistakenly allowed the proliferation of bullies within this public service. The middle class stood by, merely tutting here and there but rules are changing.

There will be no formal announcement of the inevitable police cleansing. Those Chief officers shielding the likes of Gadget, Bloggs and 200 will face the axe themselves. This will begin closure of the UK’s maverick police blogs and herald the creation of the working relationship between police and public, expected within a democracy.

Every rogue police officer who abused position in any way, or assisted corrupt colleagues to evade justice, or stirred hatred on a blog with cowardly anonymity, will be identified. UK Citizens have the moral right to this information and every moral right to reject by any means if necessary, a State Police growing ever more maniacal.

Meg said...

Just reading your blog for the first time. Sorry you went through such a horrible experience.
I used to be a Fraud Investigator, it was joked that you were no good at your job if people didn't complain. Luckily we had a supportive Manager who was behind his team 100%. If those who are supposed to be in charge of you won't support you then who will? The whole situation makes me sick.
Hope you can put this behind you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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