Friday, 29 June 2007

I'm sure this will get major discussion on the many police themed blogs and forums over the coming days:

I'm going to ignore the politics behind it for a while as there are people far better qualified than me to talk about it. What struck me though, was the actions of the door staff.

According to the Evening Standard they noticed the car and became suspicious, and checked it out before phoning the police. It made me think - how many times have I received calls from door staff and other security staff about next to nothing?

How many times have I read the text of the call from security staff, and sighed, thinking "bloody jobsworth?"

In this case the only thing that made the security staff heroes rather than jobsworths wasting police time was the contents of the vehicle. It's easy for coppers to get hacked off with some security companies (understandably), and the amount of times I hear "come on mate, we're in the same job..."

We're not in the same job - but early this morning the door staff were definitely in the same business as us, saving lives.

Hats off to those door staff, and all other security staff that have the gumption to actually get involved and do their thankless job.

NEXT WEEK: Why I hate bouncers and love nicking them...

EDIT - it appears that the press, wait for it, may have got some details wrong (gasp). I am being told that the security staff had nothing to do with it and it was all down to the magic LAS again. I wasn't there and don't know the truth, but I suppose it serves me right for buying the evening standard. And my point still stands re: jobsworth/hero. Even if it maybe fits better for Westminster CCTV. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

It was actually spotted, checked out and called in by an LAS crew attending a call at the venue.

Anonymous said...

Also it will have been put up by Westminster CCTV with whom Tiger Tiger have a link. CCTV then have direct contact with METCALL. It will have then meant that police had no choice but to attend. Bloody good thing too it would seem!

Anonymous said...

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