Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Off The Wall

My last post was basically about "challenging stereotypes." Yes, I've had the diversity training as well.

This is something I like to do, or more accurately, I like to make people re-think what they think about me, especially the non-job people I meet as I go about my day to day tasks at work.

Hence why I like to have a laugh; I like people to see the human side of Policing, it's great to see people's reaction when they see a Policeman behaving in a way that they wouldn't necessarily expect.

On the flip side, it also means people underestimate me. And this is very useful, as when I change from big, friendly and slightly dopy copper and snarl into actual action, it takes people by surprise.

I was surprised recently, taken aback by someone else at work. I was in our custody area, waiting for a colleague who had asked me to wait with her prisoner. I was chatting to a defence solicitor. This is frowned on in some police circles, as they are THE ENEMY. Personally I think anyone who is cynical enough to be a copper should at least appreciate the level of cynicism required to be a defence brief.

One thing had led to another, resulting in the Defence Solicitor giving me an impromptu lesson in how to Moonwalk, as per Michael Jackson in his hey day.
I have to admit that perhaps I wasn't completely successful, but I tried.

Unfortunately, my practise was interrupted by a Custody Sergeant, a notoriously grumpy bugger who works as a permanent nights Custody Officer, and actually seems to enjoy it.

He called me over to the Custody desk, and tilted his head to the side. "Area, what in the name of God do you think you are doing? We have to at least pretend to have a semblance of respect in our own Police Stations."
"Sorry Sarge." (Defence Solicitors are THE ENEMY).

The Sergeant hitched his belt over his ample waistline, and leant over the desk towards me. "Besides," he continued in a quieter voice, "You'll never do it properly in boots. You need shoes cut below the ankle; not trainers, something with a hard sole is best."
"Er, thanks Sarge."

That showed me - it was the Sergeant's way of reminding me he hadn't been born a seventeen stone Custody Sergeant.



TWINING said...

ASNT - Did you wear the hat too? Moonwalk, honestly! And the grumpy custody officer, hmm, grumpy he may be but probably a good custody officer. what yu need to do is now catch the CO doing the moonwalk on a quiet night

Anonymous said...

I now have the wonderful images of you lovely coppers moonwalking into court lead in by the Defense lawyer who has given a master class in the corridor.......... of the this would then be picked up by the Judge who would come out and of course put the rest to shame!

Imagination is a great thing...... wonder if I could get my work colleagues to moonwalk into an incident!

Anonymous said...

It's always slightly disturbing when bosses confirm that they actually have a life outside of work.

Anonymous said...

Sterilise a few of ‘em? Sterilise them all! … I said it a long time ago and I say it again.

Anybody guesss why the Roman empire fell??? The mobs decided they could get free bread and circuses and not have to pay for it and Rome became weak and fell…… and now there modern counterparts have free dole and SKY TV forever … it makes me mad.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

ATNS,I am going to bump into you one day in custody-I want to learn how to moon walk too!!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, the troll gets everywhere does he not? Sad get! Like the shoes, if you wasn't a copper i'd admit to wanting to nick them ;-)

Annette said...

I've been a fan of M.J.for years and I have seen him live as well. But there is one thing I can't do......moonwalk.
Mind you, it probably is a bit difficult in high heels.

Anonymous said...

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