Friday 13 June 2008

Criminal Protection Service

I am so angry that I am struggling to write clearly. I recently received a result from the court, for a case that we were waiting to give evidence in at Crown Court.

The case was one where there had been a large scale public order in the High Street. Three people had been abused, then the same three (entirely innocent) people assaulted, by one very horrible person.
Police had arrived and quickly arrested the person, who had whilst waiting for the Police to arrive called as many mates as possible.

CCTV control room had been watching, and luckily called urgent assistance on behalf of the officers who were struggling to control their detainee whilst keep an eye on the growing crowd.

As always, everyone was miles away, but by luck I was one of the first units to arrive. By that point about two hundred people were gathered, and suffice to say they were not making it easy for us. I attempted to help contain the original prisoner whilst other officers tried to control the crowd - whilst doing so, I was assualted seriously and methodically by the detainee and other people as were two other officers. I can't tell you the exact details, but we were assaulted in a series of interesting and unusual ways, resulting in bruising AND bleeding.

I also got a mouth and face full of saliva for my troubles.

Straight to hospital for me at the time, and the other officers.
Life-long physical scars for me on my chest and arms.

Detainee charged with Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm x3, common assault x2, Section 4 public order act and affray.

I was actually looking forward to court, I wanted the jurors to hear my long and very detailed statement, and the other officer's evidence, and see the CCTV of both the incident and the later goings on in custody.

Instead, I got an email "You are de-warned for court, the suspect has plead guilty."
Shame, but a good result.

But no... I did some digging recently. The CPS, ever mindful of their figures and desperate to avoid a costly trial (which always has a chance of failing) instead plea-bargained the suspect to take a guilty plea for common assault and public order.
No prison sentence, and a fine of less than £500.

I know I've felt let down before with court cases, and frustrated by the CPS. But this is a new low for me. With eight Police officer witnesses, three independant witnesses, clear and accurate CCTV evidence of the whole incident from two cameras, CCTV in custody of continued fighting, and medical statements of our injuries plus photos taken and exhibited of the injuries, one would think that it was enough for a trial.

I WANTED my day in court.
Instead I sit here looking at my scars and bubbling over in anger, and frustration. This post is meant as nothing more than a cathartic release for me, and I know I can't acheive anything by it. But really, what is the point? After getting blood and saliva in my eyes and mouth, and physically scarred, seeing my mates getting a kicking and being caused open, bleeding wounds - I have to wonder why on earth we all still go in to work?

I don't even know where to start with this, but if a private prosecution is possible I will be spending my own money to do it, on principle.

It's just beyond depressing that I have to resort to that.


Hugh said...

oh jeezuz, if you can smack a copper and get away with it, that doesn't bode well for us mere members of the public.

do many Polics Officers take out private Prosecutions?

the only reason i ask, is that will be one sure way of blowing your cover if its not many

Anonymous said...

ATNS, genius (/ahem) on how you buggered up the posts there (saving instead of posting etc)!

Why oh why are officers not issued with flexible bracers and greaves by now? Not just PSU units - all officers at all times. Lightweight, flexible (kevlar with reinforced metal or plastic strips inside to provide form - there are literally dozens of examples you can find in seconds on a google) so as not to encumber or restrict wrist movement but enough to stop any sharp object that isn't being used in a direct stab.

Almost all defensive wounds sustained in any fighting situation are to the lower leg or lower arm and these would reduce this drastically. I actually tried to get some very good ones made by an american armor manufacturer trialed about 10 years ago (again during time in police recruitment), but to no avail. I was never given a reason, but i strongly suspect it had to do with image.

2) I had a copper mate who tried to get a civil prosecution on a scumbag who gave him permenant hearing loss (by cracking his skull with something). At the time (this is nearly 4 years ago now) he wasn't allowed to bring a Civil case. Still, worst than can happen is you fill out the paperwork and get told "no" right?

Lastly, if it's any consolation even the worst scars fade greatly with time. Sometimes a decade or two, but eventually they do.

Anonymous said...

Gives some good examples of what i'm talking about by the way.

Sparkly Dancer said...

Least I know that the justice system over here is as fucked as at home...

I've heard numerous people telling me (after a trial in which they were the victim) that they'd find someone to eh, take care of the situation, rather than get the police involved again. In fact. No, the police are fine. It's the justice system. That's the one that they'd get rid of.


I feel for you. And know slightly how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! Thats awful, its a crap state of a affairs when someone can get away with inciting that kind of incident, assaulting public and police officers and walk away............ Hope your scars aren't too bad both physical and mental.

No wonder people feel the justice system is failing them

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that.

Still, if the bastard is that nasty I would assume that you may be crossing swords with him again.

And yes, just filling in the paperwork for a civil case might be enough to make you feel better even if you are told no, (It's worked for me in the past).

zoe said...

I am so sorry to read this - I have often questioned the British judicial system and this example really proves my thinking.

I'd like to break the little shit's legs myself after reading your post - but I expect that he's bigger than me.

I do hope that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the odd result! It beggars belief that the CPS would do so little to protect the interests of those on the front-line. I wonder how they would feel if it were their own family being raped, pillaged and assaulted by these scum?
Binarysurfer may be right about your inability to sue. However, it doesn't stop a nearest and dearest suing the low-life responsible for your current woes. Given the evidence that you already have, but with the added elements of your loved ones no doubt suffering angst, and experiencing an associated post-trauma, nightmares, need for sedatives from GP etc, it should be good grounds. Better still, (assuming the lowlife has anything to take now, they should use a very large contingency law firm, this would mean free rep for you, and months/years of pain for them.
If the scum has no assets, but keeps a regular job, an award in your favour, and attachment to any future earnings are always great. If they live with the parents, sue the parents as well, take everything they have.
Otherwise, some black-propaganda seems in order - licensing unit putting friendly pressure on pubs/clubs to bar the scum in question, local authority rules infractions, benefit fraud suspicions, strong child-sex offender register rumours in the neighbourhood, credit ruin, etc, etc.
There are many legal ways and willing people to assist in a little karmic momentum.....

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Area,CPS are total wankers,they really are-I wish they could spend a shift with police then see if they still came to the same decisions.I recently had an assault police against me (punch in the face) NFA'd,so I know where you're coming from.I think I am fed up of all the fighting now,I want to get behind a desk!!
I'm sending you a vurtual drink mate,you know where to contact me if you need to!!

Anonymous said...

Can you not bring a civil case against the t*at ?

Anonymous said...

You complain now -

but you lot are always keen enough to "have your day in court" when the CPS bring up gratuitous Mickey Mouse charges against based upon your sanctioned detections quotas.

As for the rest of your bleating: most people hate you. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Anon 04:53

Is "irony" that you are familiar with?

Apart from a dictionary, you also need a thesaurus.

.... anyway, putting your shortcomings to one side a moment, consider this: every word in post 00:13 is *true*

And you know it.

Area Trace No Search said...

anon at 00:13.

Most people hate me? Generally only the ones that know me.

Sorry to hear that the anger management classes are not helping. If this website annoys you so much, remember you are only one mouse click away from leaving.

If you like reading it, that's excellent. It bumps up my site stats nicely!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts are with you

Anonymous said...

Area, old chap-

- just stating a fact - the range of emotions from practically all of the people you encounter on your job run from distaste to hatred.

The in these days of sanctioned detections decent people despise you - and so do the crims

Sorry to hear that those two teenage girls gave you such a pasting! Good luck with the private prosecution

Area Trace No Search said...

It's sad to hear you hate me/us, but I don't take it personally.

It may interest you to know that on the few occasions I get a chance to do foot patrol, I always, without fail, get people coming up to say how nice it is to see a Police Officer out and about.
It happens in cars as well, but not as much as we're usually going from one call to the next.

There is a problem with sanctioned detections and target led policing, which Inspector Gadget among others explains far more eloquently than I could. But this is not a coal-faced led move, and from what I can see most MOPs still are happy to see the Police. Unless the police car is behind them on a dual carriageway... ;-)

Although I don't think you're stating a fact - you're stating an opinion I believe (or maybe I need to get my thesaurus out?).

Anonymous said...

Dear boy - I don't hate you.

You are far too insignificant for that. amuse me.

Big dyslexic "tough" copper, getting the cr*p kicked out of him by a couple of teenage girls.

Anonymous said...

Some of the odd comments herein indicate a more frequent use of the prison library these days.
Aside from their need to abuse ATNS as a way to project their anger about their narrow-bandwidth lives, their lack of attention as to why they're actually here, and their abject inability to see further than the hour on their stolen watches, I suppose it's good that they get to use the internet, more chance of them getting a job placement where one needs to use a touchscreen to call in the orders.
As to the constant allegations, (by those too meek to be anything other than "anonymous") of it having been teenage girls who assaulted ATNS, I'd say that it clearly highlights the freak of nature that allows people with mutated DNA to reproduce in the first place - the decline of "family" through such lowlife sleeping with ones direct kin, etc.
So, it appears that ATNS, aside from doing a sterling job "being there" and thus looking out for those of us who don't care for people like you polluting our vicinity, also serves a great purpose in being there for the likes of you lowlifes when you call 999 to seek protection from your own teenage-mutant-binger-myrtle.
As for you being allowed to use the internet, it's a known fact that its' wise to have at least a minimium level of education before embarking on such a project as letting your words out. Perhaps the prison librarian, or if your lucky, your cell-squeeze, can help you out?
Finally, "anonymous," there is such a thing as IP, and thankfully - you can be traced......
ATNS, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

To quote a wise old friend of mine 'Hope the little sods next sh*te is a hedgehog.' ;)
Can understand your frustration mate, this is ridiculous and soul destroying.
I agree with Tom, chances are you will get your chance at getting him locked up again, CPS allowing...

Anonymous said...

To quote a wise old friend of mine 'Hope the little sods next sh*te is a hedgehog.' ;)
Can understand your frustration mate, this is ridiculous and soul destroying.
I agree with Tom, chances are you will get your chance at getting him locked up again, CPS allowing...

Area Trace No Search said...

Anon at 12:49 - sorry, my mistake; I thought that I the "most people hate you" comment included you. Sorry if it didn't.

Most importantly, I'm glad I amuse you. It is kind of the point of this site, Ive no intention of changing the world, I'm not a folk singer. I've got no book contract, no political ambition and quite enjoy being a copper still.

One other thing - I'm afraid I'm not a "tough" copper by a long way, but I haven't managed to be beaten up by two teenage girls yet. I'm sure it will happen one day though...

If it does, rest assured I will post about it here for your amusement.

uniform said...

First time I’ve been here, and look! An anon type thing is come amongst us showing a talent for wordsmithery that has no beginning.

As I've said before about these anon cowards , they always make out they got friends (talk generically about who likes the police etc..) when it's patently clear it ain’t got none itself , otherwise it wouldn't be trawling Cop blogs for cheap ,cheap shots in-between regularly bringing the other window back up for a 5 fingered shufty .

So go on pal, back to what you do best

PCFrankyFact said...

I feel for you Area mate.
A long, long time ago (1994) in a police force far, far away (well...not that far I suppose)I was patrolling a quiet village on me todd when I get a call to the village square where some youths were quaffing some tipple.
I recognised one of the two as a local youth I had detained once for running after lizards....!
I went over to have a chat and next thing I know a third youth lands a flying dropkick to the back of my head.
Down we both tumble, my kwikcuffs flying into a nearby garden.
I get up first and restrain my attacker by standing on his neck while he attempts to bite my ankle.
The unknown youth at this point grabs an empty bottle and breaks it and begins to approach me telling me how he's going to rearrange my face.
Radio doesn't work due to proximity of large mountains so I'm thinking "Shit!"
Fortunately at this point two very large gents come out of a nearby pub and ask if I'd like some assistance.
They hold off chummy with the bottle while a passing youth is told to dial 999 to my backup 27 miles away!
Fortunately it arrived after only 20 mins as a bobby from a bordering force came to my aid to get kicked in the teeth for his trouble.
When the case got to court the cps did a deal with the defence and got him to plead to a gbh from another day and dropped all charges re my job.
They didn't even tell me. I only found out when I rang asking when I was going to court.
Around the same time the cps were considering prosecuting Monsieur Cantona for his kung fu antics.

Dark Side said...

I am sorry to hear that Area espcially after leaving you and others with lasting scars.

I wrote in April about an incident I witnessed which you may have seen, I haven't said much more because I am waiting to see if I need to go to court, he was at Mags a week ago and got his charge down to 18 from 20, which stinks to start off with.

And now his brief has requested medical information about the guy he attacked so it is deferred again until July.

The guy he attacked is due back from Iraq yes one fighting for queem amd country and is going straight into to hospital for more skin makes my blood boil...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"anonymouse" 'tis you who are the parasite, methinks!
Aside from which, you are clearly a sad, nasty, small-breasted type, with a clear talent for misery.
I'm sure I wouldn't want to be inside your mind, with all its visceral anger. I'm just glad its presence is so impermanent........

Area Trace No Search said...

Anon, you know why your post has been deleted.

Personal attacks on my commenters will not be tolerated, as I've said on the more recent post.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

An observation with trolls ATNS, just delete the trolling post without comment. You still get the hits, and they do a-flapping about not being able to express their own insignificant opinion...

Also re comment no.1 Hugh - it's not very common (certainly not around where i live) so you would have to be careful about it Area...

Anonymous said...

He won't do anything.

Anonymous said...

hey binary - record the blog hits as successes?

True enough. After all, why just keep fiddling figures to the realms of work and bogus "detections" eh?

Malthebof said...

I think that we should have something along the lines of the American system of a locally elected District Attorney. At least they would have to explain to the people their actions. Plus a locally elected Chief Constable/Sheriff.

Area Trace No Search said...

The Binary Surfer - true, and done. They were my only attempts at warnings.

Like the arm guards as well!

Anonymous said...

Frankly Im not surprised.This type of result has been going on for years and it's not going to change at all.However when I first arrived to my new section in Belfast we ended up going to a party which had got out of hand.Couple of police vehicles damaged,a few peelers injured slightly and 5/6 arrests including follow ups at the local hospital.We were all looking forward to the day in court and as usual the scrote's pleading not guilty and complaining about excessive use of force.The RM read the file found them all guilty with a great line saying "If you're going to make an omellete then you're going to have to crack some eggs"
Tremendous.Sadly it doesn't happen very often

Anonymous said...

It's all f*cked. And that comes from a fellow British PC. Well and TRULY buggered up beyond all reasoning and reckoning.

twotoast said...

Hey Area - what a bummer, sorry to hear that. Don't you just love CPS . . . . nah, I didn't think so.

I just wanted to add a quick story that was similar, but different when it mattered!

Just before I left for sunnier shores I dealt with a fight - two males, two females, all knew each other, late at night, drunk, you get the picture . . . Anyway, the lads were duly locked up for public order offences, the women quickly followed and whilst being put into he back of my panda, one of them decided to sink her teeth into my left bicep. Now let me tell you, that hurt.

After a trip to hospital - with blood streaming down my arm I was actually dealt with very quickly which was very unusual (but that it another story). Lots of blood tests and vaccinations etc., Fortunately, no diseases. So, same as you, I was waiting for my court date - I have a lovely scar to show to the court, but my female pleaded . . . . and wait for it . . . . went down the steps for six months. First offence. Really. I couldn't believe it. Sadly, no day in court for me and of course CPS didn't even mention compensation, but hey ho, 6 months'll do for me!

So, if you can sue them civilly, I say go for it!


Anonymous said...

Area sorry to hear about this sad but all too frequent case. As a serving Magistrate I all too often see the inadequacies of CPS. It is quite common to hear "why on earth was that charged as common assault" in the retiring room. I hope you will believe me when I say that most of my colleagues believe prison is the only option for assaults on police, fire or ambulance personnel. Sadly that's not always an option with common assault charges. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back to sanity any day now!

Anonymous said...

Let's not kid ourselves here. I am a magistrate and see this downgrading in court every time I sit. Recent case of a pub glassing - several facial stitches for the young, female victim. Dealt with by CPS against police sentiment by way of conditional caution. The condition : write a letter of apology.
What kind of message does this send out to the community?
Do take a private prosecution and I wish you well in your endeavours. Do make sure the local press hear of your intentions whatever the outcome - and you may even be able to get your force press office to tip the odd journalist your way.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a kicking.

Now you know have a small taste of, and what it feels like, to those members of the public who you have abandoned to their fates.

Stop whining.

Or get another job

Anonymous said...

anonymous 23:18 you really are a sad tosser.
ATNS: keep going as ordinary decent people are with you.


Anonymous 23:18: As you can see, some of us are not scared to publish our names.

Mark said...

Jesus Christ, Area :(

Good luck, man. Private suit if you can, for real :/

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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