Saturday 28 June 2008

Management Talk

It's disconcerting when Officers above the rank of Inspector go out and about on the streets. It's strange enough when Inspectors go out.
Of course, when senior officers to go out for one of their annual walk abouts on the street, things are never as they seem.

Just as the Queen is said to believe the world smells of fresh paint, the same kind of thing applies for our senior officers. Whenever they turn up to parade, we have by some miracle scratched together enough officers in the parade room to make it look as though we are acheiving minumum numbers on the streets. Even if that means taking officers off other, already over stretched teams.

They then usually commandeer the area car, and float about taking no calls and dealing with nothing they come across.

Inspectors are stuck in the middle of this - there are more and less proactive Inspectors. We recently had one covering as duty officer, who not only turned up to parade, but booked out a car and actually went out; and took calls! This in itself is unusual, but not unheard of. Our regular Inspector very occasionally takes calles, but on arrival will call a PC down to the scene to do the paperwork/take the crime report/make the arrest/do the accident book.

This substitute Inspector even dealt with the calls though - one day he even brought an arrest in. I've only ever seen an Inspector produce a prisoner to custody once before, so it got the team talking.

In fact, we've had him a few times recently, and ended up being a bit spoilt. Much as we like our current Guvnor, having a boss that goes and gets his hands dirty occasionally is very invigorating for the troops.
I have even seen the odd glimpse of morale on team.

One of our area car drivers is running bets on how long it will take before something comes along to help destroy this.

As the old saying goes "Are the men happy Sergeant?"
"Yes sir"
"Then stop their mail and cancel their leave."


Battersea Boy said...

Back in 1999 a new Sector Inspector was appointed. Before the week was out he had arrested a well-known troublesome drunk at the railway station, following which he handcuffed the man and walked him through the town to the police station.

From that point on, he could do no wrong in the sight of the general public.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to boast, but my response inspector is known to make tea first thing in the morning, cover calls and makes arrests - I think he has a personally set annual quota.

Yes our boss is not afraid of getting his hands dirty!

Area Trace No Search said...

Battersea Boy and No Offences - where do I sign up to join your reliefs!?

No Offences Disclosed said...

Like you say, it's the magic third pip that comes with rose tinted glasses and the spine removal which really means you are to have nothing to do with mucking in.

We are quite lucky in Hilltown, I can think of a few Inspectors who aren't afraid to muck in.

Anonymous said...

Mine doesn't make the tea but a couple of sets of nigjhts ago he had 4 in over the first 2 nights and was top of the list for a bit!

PCFrankyFact said...

Carlsberg don't do Inspectors.

But if they did, they'd probably be the best Inspectors in the world.

PC South West said...

Our senior officers are far too busy debating if it's hot enough to give the ties off order to worry about Police work.
Fear that the CC will chew their arse if a PC is out not correctly dressed. What with that and getting the amount of detections required they have taken their eye well off the ball with regards to dealing with crime.

Metcountymounty said...

We've got a seriously mixed bag at our nick. When one of them was a team Guv he used to go out and nick as many as he could specifically to give him a beating stick to get his team to work harder and relished in ripping anyone apart who failed to get a bod in over a set of nights. We've got some really proactive inspectors who we really like working with and others who are figures merchants who haven't got a clue - or a care - what happens past the red or green boxes that they given at morning prayers.

Anonymous said...

Metcounty - what's your bloody point?

All the goo and dribble aside, what are you actually saying man?

Anonymous said...

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