Wednesday 24 November 2010

More Protests

Zoe Williams - one of the heroes of today.

Quote from Ms Williams: "When I asked them what their motivation was they just said 'we're doing it for fun'. I don't understand that."

Once again, mixed with the worst of human behaviour is the best. The Coppers on the street trying to contain the trouble, and help their injured colleagues, and genuine protestors like Ms Williams and Aaron Porter.

A word of advice to any wannabe protestors - injured officers = PISSED colleagues.


Old BE said...

Three cheers to whoever left that carrier in the middle of Whitehall though. Makes for some great photos on the interweb news sites.

Dan said...

The part I don't get... Last lot of riots - BAD POLICE, you didn't do enough. Now this lot of riots, BAD POLICE, you did too much.

How the hell can you lot win?!

A.J. Wimble said...

Peacefull protests are a right and a vital part of the democratic process, thuggery is not.

Time and time again it seems that anger at a government policy turns to violence directed at the police. People forget that the Police are just government workers doing their job and are going to be hit by the cutts just like everybody else.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Crown Servants, but I take your point.

Libby said...

It's either G20 and 'far too much police presence! Police brutality!' or Milbank 'you knew the protest was coming and did nothing! You let us get trapped in our offices'.
They knew the protest was coming too incidentally, so could have gone if they wanted.
Keep trying!

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