Sunday, 20 April 2008


A quick post to point out either new Police bloggers, or ones that I have been reading but kept forgetting to put on my blog list.

Noddy has been posting for a long time, and I've been reading and giggling for a long time. Visit if you like reading about Policing, Scotland, or cats.

Nightjack started up earlier this year and has quickly become one of the most prolific and best written Police blogs about, it took me a while to find it.

Metcountymounty has finally started a blog of his own, which is long overdue. Please visit to say hello.

If you have a blog and I don't link to you at the moment and you think I should, please email me - there's a good chance if you've ever commented on here I do read you, but just because it's on my internet explorer favourites doesn't mean I have managed to get round to putting it on this site.

Normal service will now resume.

**EDIT - Louise AKA Ambulance Nut is also worth a read and added to my sidebar. Although not part of the LAS so I'm unlikely to bump into her, she's still a Green Angel and therefore I am still by default in love with her. Please look.**

**Another Police Blog worth a look - 'PC Michael Pinkstone' is the pen name for a serving constable working for a large UK police force. His first name really is 'Michael'.
And believe it or not, his employers know exactly who he is. We are living in interesting times ... ***


Anonymous said...

Hi Area!

I have been reading your blog for a while now and last month started one of my own and would love for you to check it out, I really appreciate feedback at the moment.


McNoddy said...

Thankyou !

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

"Internet Explorer"? Oh, man. Get Firefox!

McNoddy said...

Good point Kalessin!

chunkybetty said...

No really...get firefox, kalessin is spot on. It's a whole new world of customiseable opporunity, and safer (I should work for them teehee ;)

Area Trace No Search said...

Louise - I will add our link to my blog.

And why firefox people?

McNoddy said...



1. Faster
2. Safer
3. Customisable skins, designs, icons, loads of useful widgets, you name it, just so much more of a pleasure to use than IE7 and its FREE with no catches.

Failing that, if you must, there's OPERA. It's faster and safer than IE7, but less customisable than Firefox.

It's NOT JUST an anti Microshaft thing.

.... and no I don't get a commission. It's open source.

Anonymous said...

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