Tuesday 15 July 2008

Thoughts of The Day

A couple of thoughts.

Firstly, I have been playing with my mobile phone a lot recently - crime scenes give you ample time to fart around doing things that you wouldn't usually do.

At 3AM a couple of nights ago, I was struck by a thought, whilst experimenting with the Predictive text feature.

I was texting another copper and asking to meet them in Trafalgar Square. Interestingly, my phone does not recognise the word "Trafalgar."
It does, however, suggest an entirely plausible alternative of "Upbealias."
Even more interestingly, although not allowing me to type that word, someone has gone to the effort of teaching it the word "Egalitarian."

My point, although a little obtuse, is that I think that the people who programme mobile phone dictionaries must be the same people who set Policing targets and priorities.
Only these type of people would consider that "Trafalgar" is a completely unknown word, "Upbealias" is a better alternative, and the word "Egalitarian" is much more useful and likely to be used.

Part of me feels good about the fact that these people exist in the private sector as well as the public sector...

Secondly, is it mean to gently wind up PCSOs? I've always enjoyed winding up Police Officers, but I know that CSOs are a relatively new thing and might get more offended.

If it's not too naughty, a colleague of mine has found a novel but harmless way of playing with our blue-shirted colleagues. I'd never do it of course, not least because my CSO acquaintances would gang up on me and beat me up.
Incidentally, please pop over and say hello on the following PCSO blog.


Sam Tyler said...
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Sam Tyler said...

Talking of predictive text, this is from a friend of a friend.

He's going out with a girl its like 3rd date territory. He is in a pub called The Crown with a friend. He texts this girl asking if she wants to meet up she says she does and wants to get something to eat. He then texts back saying "Fancy getting food in the crown" however without checking the predictive text and pressing send.

He never got a reply and never saw her since. He checked his sent messages and he'd said "Fancy getting done in the brown?"

Try it on your nokia or samsung...

Go figure!

Anonymous said...

If winding up a PCSO is the police equivalent of winding up a trainee technician then it is fine! Its a right of passage and sorts you out for the environment you've choosen to work in!!

Anonymous said...

ATNS - I found the edit function for my camera phone on such an occasion and the funny hats you can place on photographs. I would never have used it had it not been for one to one at the hospital.

Sam Tyler - That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Did your mate get an FOP from her?

Pea Sea said...

I always find that calling CSO's laptops is a rather good humoured way to wind them up.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Q: How many PCSOs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Five - one to hold the lightbulb, one to take notes and three to stand around gormlessly chatting about the weather.

You know where to come if you need anymore.

Anonymous said...

It's why I never use predictive text. It might take more time but I least I don't end up looking like a total muppet!

Sam Tyler - That's hilarious, for everyone except your friend I guess...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Louise, it's : "rite of passage"

You dolt

joker the lurcher said...

love it! i am often tempted to leave the word the phone thinks i should use as it is more interesting and often considerably more opaque than my original choice...

AnneDroid said...

I'm interested that "nun" comes up on my predictive text before "mum" which I want to use. Why? It's not alphabetical order and surely there aren't more people wanting to type "nun" than "mum"?

Anonymous said...

Re: predictive text.

I was going out with this girl, and we were... past 3rd date. She'd texted me saying how she couldn't stop thinking about how good my app looked in a certain pair of trousers. Flattering, when I worked out what had happened.

I responded that I couldn't stop thinking about stroking her thus while I was kicking her puppy.

Anonymous said...

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He never got a reply and never saw her since. He checked his sent messages and he'd said "Fancy getting done in the brown?"
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