Sunday, 24 August 2008

Smiley Happy People

Just a quick post - The past couple of days I've spent mainly on foot, dealing with a large variety of dribbling, drunken, stoned illiterate wrecks whilst trying to keep my sanity.
And no, this time I am not referring to the senior management team.

Dealing with wasted people is par for the course, and can be funny - but after many, many hours of it even the most saintly Police Officer finds his or her patience ebbing away. Days of it and a snarl becomes the appropriate response.
With the people that have gone beyond mildy abusive, into all out fight anyone mode, we have the delicate situation of trying to perform our duties as Constables and keep the peace, whilst also bearing in mind the "try not to nick anyone" missives from the senior management team.
After all, it's family fun for all.

All this whilst sweating in full uniform, long sleeve shirt, protective vest, hat and (of course) the wonderful sweat suit that is the high-viz jacket.
In August.

"Job" readers will probably know what I have been doing at work for the past two days.
Non job readers, please see this post and look up "Not Carnival Related" about halfway down.

Joy of joys - back again tomorrow.

Tired now, so straight to bed. Up at 0400hours to do it all again.


Metcountymounty said...

Ah carnival, where London celebrates its diverse culture and people come from all the corners of the nations great capital to stab, rob, sell drugs to, abuse and steal from one another. They really must have the best PR gurus working on it, having been there in bright yellow silly question jacket and plain clothes, I have never been in such a nasty horrible and hateful environment outside of a football riot and yet it is regularly coated in wonderful rose-tinited glee with no mention of the drunken violence and crime. Celebrate my arse.

Anonymous said...

ATNS & MCM - Think of the carnival, and multiply all of that crap by, oooh, about 5 million - and hey presto! 2012!

Words such as 'joy' and 'bonanza' do not spring readily to mind ...

Anonymous said...

All fun and games as usual then!

PC Michael Pinkstone............ we'll have the 2014 commonwealth to have fun with after that as well!

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Yay, I'll be a PC by 2012. Doh!

Officer Dibble said...

Managed to avoid Carnival over the last few years despite offers of red ink.Did it too often and know exactly what its like on the ground.

'Not Carnival related' ..a classic all is well phrase...except for those who pick up the carnage just off the carnival boundaries as the joyous crowds wend their way home.

Hope Monday goes well.

Referring to a well muttered police 'adage'..'if its going to kick off it will be on the Monday'.

Anonymous said...

I went to that a few years ago & I was very well behaved, I promise. Lol

The only bitter taste was having my proof of age card laughed over by a group of bouncers as they couldn't believe I actually was my age!

Never Again would you catch me at the carnival though. You have my sympathy!

Anonymous said...

Worked Carnival last night. I now know that I'm going to heaven when I die because I have been to hell. Boy did it kick off in style - luckily we have protective gear to stop us getting seriously injured - wait, not allowed to wear it!

I am enjoying this rest day.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

me too Area,wonder where you were eh??

Anonymous said...

And that carnival related riot that I was in the middle of last night will magic its way down to a non-carnival related violent disorder!

Bring on 2012, I can't wait.

loveinvienna said...

Hello Area, I'm back to repay the favour :) Thanks for the comment! I always wondered what Carnival was really like - unfortunately we're on the PR Guru end up here!

Will 2012 really be that bad? I imagine though that it'll be a magnet for 'people with axes to grind' :S

Liv xxx

blueknight said...

I was in a county force so I never did the carnival, but having Policed the free Heineken Music festival, some years back, I can imagine what it was like.
It took place in a public park at night. Being free there were no barriers or tickets and no control on the literally thousands of people coming in or on the drink or weapons they were bringing in.
There were fights, robberies, a suicide attempt where a man high on something jumped off the sea wall then fought with the ambulance staff, a girl hit in face with a hammer.
We were a Sgt and six although we got reinforcements when nights came in, we had nothing like enough to cope and by the end of the night every single one of us had been assaulted, although fortunately not much more than grazes and bruises.
At that time we did not wear protective gear unless a riot was predicted, but not long afterwards, something of that sort took place following football match. Bricks were thrown and there were a few Police injuries, including the public order inspector who got one in the face. From then on we wore the gear to every match and at every other public order operation.

Anonymous said...

PC MP has a point Area, i wouldn't want to be a copper in 2012.

What i do find amusing is that the scum are quick to complain about the "Heavy-handed Policing" during any policed public event.

How about we send them all to China and see how the Chinese police at the Olympics deal with having a bottle waved in their face by a drunk burberry glad idiot?

Anonymous said...

Are you as good in bed as you are at writing?

Area Trace No Search said...

Anon at 18:33 - for the first time since starting this blog, I actually find myself not knowing how to answer your comment.

I'm hoping it's a compliment...

Anonymous said...

Area, I think you've pulled ;o)


Anonymous said...

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