Thursday 4 September 2008


A photo of someone on the London Underground wearing one of Inspector Gadget's Ruralshire t-shirts.

The Guvnor has posted a more than enigmatic post on his blog, and it's looking like he's getting grief from his Professional Standards Department.

I hope he's not, and it worries me - I personally think that he is in fact one of the better advertisements for the Police out there, certainly better than publicity such as senior officers fighting each other in the press.

I realise we can't do much, but please pop over and show your support by leaving a comment.
It'd be nice to think there is still a semblance of freedom of speech in this country...


Mrs Piggy said...

The PSD have stirred up a hornets nest by going after IG. Have left a message on his blog and PS Piggy will be spreading the word at work.

Anonymous said...

Agreed ATNS. It certainly would be nice to think that there remained some 'freedom of speech', but it has been heavily curtailed. Many freedoms in this country have been truncated by our nanny state over the past years.

Roses said...

Thanks for the heads up, have left a comment on his blog and put something up on mine.

Hope you're okay.

Anonymous said...

ATNS, yourself too, and IG paint a better picture of the Police SERVICE than any of your top brass do. Please keep it up.

Tony F

Anonymous said...

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