Saturday 11 April 2009

Ian Tomlinson

I've had quite a few emails asking for my opinion on the death of Ian Tomlinson.
I've also had even more conversations about it at work, in the canteen, in the carrier, on scene at incidents.
I've also been asked about the incident involving Sgt Smellie and Ms Fisher.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to talk about it on this blog - It's a little too close to home for me.

Instead, here are some links to Police Bloggers that aren't scared to talk about it:

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Sierra Charlie

And finally, a comment from Hogday. He's a gent, and this post has nothing at all to do with Ian Tomlinson's death.


Sierra Charlie said...

I did a post on the issue too ;-)

Plug. Plug.

Metcountymounty said...

We've talked about it a lot at work and I had a chat with a couple of 3 area guys working our patch the other night, a lot of people are at the very least considering handing the blue cards back if the officer is crucified, which he will be. The Met, the CPS and the IPCC can not afford not to hang him out to dry, but if/when they do they are going to lose volunteers for anything requiring use of force.

The Blue Light Run said...

I'm not level 2 or M.A.T trained, whatever your force calls it. I was asked by my skipper the other day (before this incident) whether I had ever considered it. My answer was no, I get my jollies from doing my day to day job, the other lads seem to sit on a bus doing bugger all hindsight the real reason is probably something happening like this that can seriously screw you up and put you through the grinder. You can almost hear the entire met command team take a side step at the same time leaving that officers rear well and truly exposed. Like the rest of the world I have seen the video, however until we all know the full facts it is wrong to comment.

Constable said...

In our neck of the woods if you are on response you must be level 2 trained and will be the first PSU's to be deployed.

Ah well.


PC Michael Pinkstone said...

We're too soft and squelchy in this country anyway, so this incident was always going to be such big "news". Makes the 'policing' of the Thai protests pale into insignificance, what with their automatic gunfire at protesters in buses, dragging of women by their hair, ramming, slamming, beating and general furore.

There will never be a happy medium in the UK with the minutiae of every police use of force scrutinised to the enth degree.

TheBinarySurfer said...

ATNS - I forsee an awful lot of cards being chucked on the back of this (compounding the problem at the next big demo of course as decreasing numbers of PSU will likely require increasing levels tacitcs (why dont i believe this will be the option chosen?) or force.

Just read the comments:
MCM - This is what a number of coppers i know have said. Why risk their health, job, pensions and in some cases perhaps freedom when they can clock similar pay via normal response OT?

Anonymous said...

Hi ASNT. Followed you off inspector gadget's blog. My blood ran cold watching footage of rioters and the violence that the police faced at G20 and I'm grateful that the met police suffered so that the rest of london didn't have to.
The sort of people who are squealing about mean old police waving batons and shouting rather than having nice chats about behaving sensibly are people who have no idea about crowd control.

Thanks for all your hard work

loveinvienna said...

Occasional lurker :) Quick question - why did some of the officers have their epaulettes covered? I've seen youtube videos where some did have theirs covered, and some had them on display for all the world to see. I'm currently waging war against a load of internet anarchists who seem to think you were all hiding your ID numbers so you could happily beat up anyone who came near you without fear of reprimand (the fact your faces weren't hidden is conveniently forgotten). I'm fighting the Police's corner but I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere!

Much respect for the work you and your colleagues did.

"gunner" said...

if i were asked i'd say make no judgements until all the evidence is in. we get cops crucified in the media over here too, and when the truth comes out somehow it is "not news" anymore and the media are not interested.

Sierra Charlie said...

Thanks for the link Area.

燒餅油條Ken said...
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Anonymous said...

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