Thursday 23 April 2009

Patience = Low

"Bravo X-ray two-two, Bravo X-ray two-two, an 'I' grade call now, Brixley High Street, PI Accident. Car versus motorbike."
"Received, show X-ray two two D-delta to your last - but we're running from the opposite end of the divsion"

A two minute pause

"Bravo X-ray, show Bravo 2 to your last as well. We're clearing the last call and not too far"
"Received. Bravo X-ray two-two, can you cancel to your last? We've got another immediate grade call, this time at 27 Letsby Avenue for a confirmed sequential alarm."
"Bravo X-ray, we can, but we've just made our way through traffic away from that last location."
"Received, there's no one else - I'll send it through."

Another two minute pause.

"Bravo X-ray from Bravo 2 - sorry, we've had to 54 the vehicle with a flat tyre. Can you cancel us from the last?"
"Received. Bravo X-ray two-two, can you re-attend the Brixley High Street call please to the Persons Injured accident?"
"X-ray, received. We are nearly TOA on the other call though."
"Received, sorry to do this to you but there's no one else shown."

Three minutes pass.

"Bravo X-ray two-two, you can cancel to your last. LAS on scene and stating no injuries, drivers exchanging details and no obstruction."
"Received Bravo X-ray. We're going to stop for a break, my operator's started to feel sea sick with all this too-ing and fro-ing, and we're due refs."
"Um, X-ray two-two - can you just quickly deal with the other outstanding immediate call on your way back...?"

Yes. This is how I often spend my day. Although I dealt with quite a bit of self created incidents I came across direct, after twelve hours of rushing about today I actually resulted the grand total of one call.
A threats by text domestic from an ex-boyfriend's new partner.


Constable said...

Don't know about resulting just one job but I was totally in tune with your post apart from the business about refs. What is that? We work 10 hour shifts and refs are a luxury we seldom get afforded. Feel for you doing 12 hours without a scoff.


Dark Side said...

No wonder your patience is low, I have just gone dizzy reading that post, I had to go away and go back to

sierracharlie said...

Refs is for losers - at least that's what one of my customers once told me while I was in McDonald's...

PC Blogs A Lotte said...

Doesn't it just make ya sick.

45 minutes of uninterrupted break, I'm sure it says that somewhere!

On top of all that, continually telling you to turn around and go in the opposite direction, argggggh! make you want to throttle the controller.

I sympathise, AND magically, I empathise as well.. look at that, I'm a caring, sharing copper. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Metcall! The bit that makes me laugh - "can you quickly deal with that 'I' call on your way in". Easy for them to say with their regulated breaks every 20 minutes! They are forever stitching us up with the classic "can you take a quick look at xyz, non-griefy, so I can get it off the system". Turns out to the biggest pile of grief you've ever come accross !!

Vetnurse said...

I think l need a coffee while l untangle that lot, l agree with Dark Side.

Anonymous it is a known fact that the terms like:
There is no problem = total balls up.
It is quiet tonight/today = the world is about to explode.
It will only take a minute = Say goodbye to several hours.
This wont hurt, l promise = Start to scream now.

Hogdayafternoon said...

I took a local journalist out with us in our public order van for a `ride along` - boy did she get travel sick. Later dubbed, `Megahonkas`

Roses said...

Dizzy just thinking about it. Refs? You can actually mention refs? Wow.

TheBinarySurfer said...

The favourite one i'm hearing about at the moment is "it'll just be a quick 5 minute job".

Thirty minutes of scrapping and two hours of paperwork later...

Did you bring that kind of day on yourself by using the Q word ATNS?

Area Trace No Search said...

TBS - Good call. Unfortunately, I think you're right.

Constable Confused - one result, I know. As I said, I dealt with self created stuff and also got an arrest in. But all the same, only one result to my name.
I did arrive at some calls, but only as an assist rather than the main officer.

Thanks for the sympathy from all. Met anon especially, as he/she knows that Metcall often unwittingly stitch us up. And then toddle off for their regulated breaks.

Pete said...

Where is Metcounty these days?

I suppose killing innocent bystanders at G20 has silenced the littke pr*ck for a while.

Old BE said...

So you "dealt with self created stuff" which I assume means being the kind of pro-active officer the public wants and expects; you "also got an arrest in" - several hours work if I understand the system correctly; you "did arrive at some calls" to "assist" other officers (presumably because you were needed rather than just for the hell of it. You were sent from pillar to post by the control room and STILL managed to result a call.

I think that's pretty bloody productive. You can't solve the whole of your area's crime on your own y'know! You can't be supercop - just being as efficient as the system allows is the best you can do. Most of us desk jockey paper shuffler MOPs couldn't deal with a quarter of the stuff you do.

Anonymous said...

We had a manic night like this on Saturday, every single crew was out of their own area from several hours and just chasing our tails! Mental!

Hibbo said...

Is one detection a day below average?

How many is expect of you?

Virtual Supply said...

By Virtual Supply: ( ) What happened to the Automatic Vehicle Location Equipment? You know that little box that puts the position of each police vehicle onto a map and colour codes it by priority? The gadget that advises your control room who is where, how fast they are moving, and how long others have been stationary... No way should you be changing calls more than once... Your control room, or your upper management are onto a good number by the sounds of it and you, sadly, are rushing around wasting nothing but time and taxpayers money.


Anonymous said...

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