Tuesday 29 December 2009

Christmas In Review

Well, my Christmas shifts have come and gone.
Fun they were not, and I have a sneaking suspicion that my division wasn't too dissimalar to Stressed Cop's.

During my Christmas Day shift alone, I did or dealt with the following:

I went to a serious sexual assault, assisted with a short pursuit, was involved in three foot chases, kicked down a door, had a Christmas hug from three Ambulance girls, got involved in a large scale fight resulting in Officers calling for Urgent Assistance, handcuffed my reluctant partner during said fight, went to and chased off a number of gang fights, got kicked out of refs breaks twice, stopped and searched a few ne'er do wells and played thumbsy wars with an Ambulance Crew to decide a course of action for our call...

The thumbsy was probably my favourite moment. Not least because during said thumbsy war, our Section Sergeant arrived in time to witness my defeat at the hands of a five foot three petite Ambulance Girl. And then sigh before walking away from me muttering. I'm sure he misses me on our rest days.

I have to admit to a slight feeling of ennui before arriving at work on Christmas Day. In fact, I was pissed off and dreading it. My previous shameful post, an exercise in feeling sorry for myself, may well have indicated that.

The shift was all I expected and more. It was full of crap from parade onwards. What was great however, was the morale. A shift that none of us wanted to be parading for, understaffed and overworked - but determined to have a laugh. This went also for all the other emergency service and shift workers I met through the shift.

So thank you boys and girls for helping make my Christmas Day actually bearable. Please don't take it personally though when I say that I'd prefer not to spend it with you next year.


Old BE said...


Would you have preferred to sit in the canteen listening to Jingle Bells on loop? Surely better to be busy on a day you'd rather be at home.

A belated Christmas gift awaits you..! Will you be offended if it isn't wrapped?

Rach said...

Sorry to hear it turned up just as you expected, stay safe out there Area..xx

Stressed Out Cop said...

Ah maybe we'll just do early turn next year and avoid nights.

That's usually OK till about 2pm.


All the best ... SOC

Stressed Out Cop said...
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joker1972 said...

Well you survived Christmas. Hope you have a Happy New Year :)

Old BE said...


Hogdayafternoon said...

What I said on Stressed Out's.

"gunner" said...

just finished reading "jack straw's drivel about "lazy cops" in the "telegraph" presently online over here, then your account of your evenings entertainment. it sounds like mr. straw needs to spend his holiday evenings in a patrol unit, catching calls and missing his tea, it might be a "teachable moment" or two for him, along with some other home office boffins.

Anonymous said...

got kicked out of refs breaks twice

says it all. Straw - trench dodger.

TheBinarySurfer said...

RE. IG's comment ATNS, he's right.

I dislike the BNP and Nick Griffin personally but i found myself laughing in agreement when he brought that up on question time and griffin responded about Straw and his father's service to the country, or lack of it.

MTG said...

This was a healthy and highly agreeable account of your Christmas shift, ATNS.

Way beyond the grasp of my tiny intellect was Gadget's link to the imprisonment of Walter Straw, seven decades earlier.

His surviving son may reward those remarks when the desk under which Gadget hides becomes known.

Anonymous said...

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