Sunday 19 April 2009


So, an update is apparently due.

Not Metrocity

I have come back from peace and quiet away from the smoke, to hear that PC Gary Toms has died from the injuries he sustained whilst attempting to arrest a number of Robbery Suspects.
Sad news for the Police, for the Met, for Gary's department and team, and for his friends and family.

On top of that, more officers injured doing their duty.

I also come back to the news (via email) that we are still racist in my division, in case whilst away I started to believe that I was open minded or relaxed.
It's always nice to be told how you feel, in case you get confused.

Never mind. The being away did me good, not least because I managed to not think about the following: Protests, Detections, Crime in general, House prices, The Recession, Sleep deprivation and, of course, Shaving.

Instead, I have been mostly seeing this, whilst visiting Southernshire. Or was it Ruralshire..?

No Detection here

No fighting, spitting, domestic violence here.

No evidence of an offence in sight

Meanwhile, please give a warm welcome to two more Police blogs that have appeared.
The first is Southernshire Constabulary, a PC on response in Southernshire - of course - and the second (new-ish blog) is Sierra Charlie, an SPC based in Metrocity.

As Nightjack sadly leaves, others move to try to fill the gap left by his departure.


Sierra Charlie said...

Thanks for the plug Area and for linking to the Southernshire blog - I will also blog roll it. Glad the Force (whichever one it is you work for) gave you some time off to unwind - it must be a rare occurrence!

Old BE said...

Southernshire looks a bit "quiet" for my liking.

Area Trace No Search said...

You've said it now...

Constable said...

It' the spitting image of where my in laws live. Mrs CC wants me to transfer.....Naah!


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are back, but this doesn't negate the fact I think you were quite selfish going away in the first place. Now buck your ideas up, or I' nothing really. I expect lots of posts about the hideousness of human nature, and the ridiculousness (is that even a word???) inflicted upon police by the Home Office.

Missed you Area. Welcome back to reality :)

Lola x

Hogdayafternoon said...

Nice break, Area. But I reckon there's some badly beaten rabbits lying in those hedgerows. Hope you didn't leave any DNA or the Daily Mail will have you tried and convicted before tea time. "City Cop Beats Peter Rabbit With Rake - Mr MacGregor Eye Witness"

Thanks for the new links. I'll nip over when I get a break today.

Old BE said...

"No fighting, spitting, domestic violence here"

But is that a rape I can see?

The Blue Light Run said...

Never be complacent. Remember, Nick Angel thought Sandon, Glos, was a sleepy place and LOOK what happened there...

Metcountymounty said...

looks rather like where I'm going to be soon. For the next couple of weeks the ONLY thing that could possibly draw me to the smoke is the possibility of watching Wolverine or Star Trek at the Imax in glorious 3D. Don't know if they're showing either, but I don't really care, I've had enough of the smoke, the early starts, the late finishes, the cancelled rest days and generally everything within the M25.

Hogdayafternoon said...

MCM: Napalm?

TheBinarySurfer said...

Nice to have you back ATNS, but i trust the break was good?

Ah the fatal Q word :)

PC Blogs A Lotte said...

Ahhhh damn! The Q word!!

Now wonder my week is going to the crapper already. (Crown Court - Yay!) I'll blame it all on blue eyes no

ATNS thanks very much for the plug. I just hope that I can keep my blog going as well as you have done yours. You are of course an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Getting away is good for the soul! I've been doing lots recently and slightly neglecting the old Blog but will catch up soon!

Will check out the recommendations!

Unknown said...

Re Nightjack -


Anonymous said...

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