Friday 3 April 2009

Whose Street? Our Street!

PC Area in his brand new hi-viz. NOT asleep, despite what his colleagues may say

So - stories from G20, in no particular order.

A couple of people obviously read internet blogs, or at least the books that follow. I heard two officers (not from my carrier luckily) discussing how they'd try and spot Inspector Gadget.
And MCM.
And ASNT...

In my carrier we ran a competition on the second day for spotting the best bit of graffiti. The only rule was that the graffiti had to be on a Police vehicle. Lots of them had been damaged the day before, and so still had spray paint on.
Our favourite was one of the armoured warthogs with "PIGS" sprayed tastefully below the Police sign on the bonnet. Spot on.

Scary moment when I got hit by something, and looked at my arm to notice that I was bleeding, and bleeding heavily through my boiler suit.
Then a relieved moment as I realised that it was just tomato that the protestors had thrown.

Lots of interesting moments dealing with the less pleasant people, but you've all seen that on TV and probably are bored to death of seeing and hearing about public order contingents charging and being charged, so I'll leave that out.

The best moments by far for me were on the second day, at the Excel centre. More specifically, at the Operation Feeding and Deployment section.

A particular thank you to the level II serial headed by a female Sergeant that had most of my carrier lusting after her, and what appeared to be an all female crew in the carrier.
I of course kept it professional, but there was a lot of excitement from some of the more boisterous members of my team, and mutterings of transfers to the South London Borough where the carrier had come from.

Watching the TSG serials sleeping in the grass, after being on duty for 36 hours and still being kept on. One fella was talking in his sleep as the sun came out from the mist, and it was a genuinely bizarre sight seeing him muttering, surrounding by snoring public order officers lying next to a runway lined with coppers in beat duty helmets.

The view from the 'front line.' I wish I could also describe the smells.

Anyway - down to the important things (after the attractive level II skipper and her carrier obviously). Time to give thanks.

First - to the level three public order officers who helped us out. I'm very aware that you lot did the shitty posts without the praise, and we just got sent round to finish the fights you were in.

Second - To the catering crew at the op feeding centre. Lest anyone forgets, they were doing the same (if not more) hours as us, and getting paid a hell of a lot less than us.
They were also doing a bloody good job of cooking something resembling food, whilst at the same time giving a smile to each copper, albeit sometimes weary. At one point, I accepted a burger from a catering woman and made some joke about the hours, and she replied "fourteen hours and we're staying on till everyone is gone."

Third - to all the non-Met officers that turned up. Sorry for the stickers. And also for the incident with the food fight (that never happened).

Fourth - to the London Fire Brigade. Specifically the Silvertown LFB Station. If anyone knows the lads there, say thanks again for me. The station was pointed out by a couple of level three officers on foot patrol to our carrier, and we (like many that had gone before) made liberal use of their toilets, TV room, warmth and company. They went beyond their obligations and frankly showed us how it should be done.

All this amongst our struggles with the militants. It's not my place as a street monkey to say this, but I will anyway. I think that actually our tactics were sound, and most if not all of us did a bloody good job. I also think that the majority of genuine protestors were at the very most only an annoyance, and frequently friendly, intelligent and often entertaining.
Equally, the small minority that were determined to use force and attack everyone that stood in their way were shameful. They were the reason that the genuine protestors were held back and shepherded about, they were the reason that negative press was given, they were the reason for injuries on both sides, and they were yet another nail in the coffin for legitimate, lawful, peaceful protest.

As a very small example, I spent some time in the impromptu climate camp in the city of london. Despite my appearance in body armour, public order flame proof overalls and assorted kit, I had a good time. I chatted to lots of the people there, and agreed with many points of view. I didn't see criminality there to the extent that I had to take action, and was treated with respect. I was even told a few times that the protestors there were impressed with the Police action.
Some were surprised to learn that actually, coppers were also human and also that some of us weren't too impressed with the idea of our pensions, tax, savings and future earnings being pissed away by the people that were supposed to know how the economy worked.
When the decision was taken to close the climate camp - after over twelve hours - the vast majority left willingly and peacefully. It was (yet again) a small minority that prompted ugly scenes, and left a bad taste.

I was at the front line and saw officers injured, and despicable acts of violence.
But the violent lot were not the 'real' protestors, they were just rent-a-thug mobs. In my opinion, they did almost as much damage to the movements they professed to support as they did to the lines of Police that they attacked.


Metcountymounty said...

I was wearing my ruralshire long sleeves, but apart from outside buck gate when we were getting the rest of the kit on or in the locker room you'd never know mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! on the second day I was also around the excel, did you see that fecking awesome armoured bulldozer with the "working for a safer London" sticker on the front? I'd have loved to watch that bad boy in action but fortuntely (?) it never got that bad. I was looking forward to seeing the Jenkels clearing the camp which would have made for interesting video footage, probably why the Supt pulled them back at the last minute.

Old BE said...

So how *would* you spot MCM or ATNS?

I think we should be told :-)

Old BE said...

ps shouldn't you have been wearing your velcro tab on your hi-viz?

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Having never, ever met ATNS in London last year for some beers and a show, I would have absolutely no idea what he looked like. Moreover, when he's all decked up in his fire-retardant babygrow, he becomes the mere faceless front of an oppressive global dominion. Or just some knackered sweaty guy doing his job - and a bloody good one at that.

Those of us not working in the Big Smoke - but, er, pretty close by - followed the action with an eager eye. And it is only with posts such as this, and from the likes of MCM, can you nod and nod some more in respect at the guys and gals behind the various uniforms - exhausted, and dealing with some pretty decent people. As rightfully pointed out, there is always a small minority who wish to be complete %$&£s.

Nice one.

Area Trace No Search said...

MCM - yup, we spotted that bulldozer creature as well, couldn't believe it.
We were trying to work out exactly what situation would have to be in place for it to be used, and reckon blockades would have to be in place first.
The Jenkels had plenty of blue light runs though!

Blue Eyes - Velcro tab? Nay, nay, and thrice nay.

PCMP - "faceless front of an oppressive global dominion." Love it. In fact, I may well use that as a job description from now on.

Dark Side said...

Good to see you back in one piece and hats off to all of you for what you did...xx

TonyF said...

Glad your back, safe and sound.

I think you all did an excellent job. As evidenced by the lack of news reports. I appreciate that someone died, but that was not the fault of the Police or Ambulance services. All that could be done was.

As has been noted by others, only a very small minority of fuckwits who's sole intention was to create conflict did. The rest of the protesters, did what they said they would, protested, were ignored, and went home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

joker the lurcher said...

i'll never forget about 20 years ago coming out of the tube at tottenham court road and walking straight into the middle of anarchists throwing dustbins through shop windows (cannot even remember what they were protesting about). we hadn't realised there was a demo happening so it was a bit of a shock. the thought of facing those characters as part of your job is scary.

like you say, most of the demonstrators are just expressing what we all think; unfortunately there will always be violent nutters who see the chance for showing just how hard they are when something like this is happening.

hope you can catch up on some sleep now.

Metcountymounty said...

anon 0408 -

thespecialone said...

As has been stated, that fact that generally the media have not pissed on the police (as normal) speaks volumes. I havent read/seen any bad press about your performance in the Smoke. Well done boys & girls.

Old BE said...

MCM Hehe that is a mean machine!

Roses said...

Good to know you're back, safe and in one piece, albeit slightly bolognesed.

No it's fine that we can't smell over the internet yet. I'm sure hot, kitted out, bothered copper with eau de mace liberally sprayed about is an olfactory delight...

thespecialone said...

It is now on the Mailonsunday website that it was the police that caused the death of Ian Tomlinson. The story has been changed because a few protesters have claimed he was battered by police. There was also a professional photographer who also claims the police killed him. Unfortunately she doesnt appear to have had her camera with her when this happened to take pics. Also, the claims have come from protesters.....who also use an anarchist website. Now as anarchists, surely they must detest microsoft for being a capitalist company, yet still use microsoft products.

Annette said...

Your right, 'the violent ones were not the real protesters'
I have just said this on 'stressed out cops' blog , and it's true. You always get these stupid, violent people on demos and they spoil it for everyone.

TheBinarySurfer said...

Sounds like it was an experience!

Sadly those idiots will turn up at any demo going. Might be amusing to organise a "Protest against violent protestors" and see if they turn up looking slightly confused...

Anonymous said...

Ian Tomlinsons death will haunt you, even the BBC is now finally on the case.

loveinvienna said...

Frequent lurker and occasional commentator here:

You can see in this video 'what actually happened' apparently. What I see is a man sauntering along with his hands in his pockets, right in front of the riot police with his back to them - and he wonders why
he was batoned? Wrong time, wrong place? Probably. Wrong attitude to take whilst in the middle of a riot/protest? Definitely.

I feel very sorry for him and his family but anyone who wanders around hands like that with the riot police inresidence should expect SOMETHING to happen. How did the police know he didn't have a knife/gun/can of sulphuric acid in his pocket?

If anything happens to the Officer who did this to him, I will be writing email to everyone I can think of in his/her defense. Wont make a blind bit of difference but we have to try. I also can't believe the idiots who are claiming Police brutality: "Oi were jus a peacefuwl protesta an' then oi got whacked in me leg loike by some efing coppa wiv a piece a metawl'. I hardly think a riot Officer decked
out in all his gear is going to stop and ask you politely if you're just here to protest peacefully or wreak havoc.

Idiots, all.

Grand job you did ATNS, and the rest of your colleagues.

Uncle J said...

I'm sure "That video" will be very thoroughly investigated, but we must also hope that everyone who was present - whether demonstrators, passers-by, or the media - will come forward with any evidence of criminal offences they witnessed. Including assaults upon the Police and damage to property.

Hogdayafternoon said...

On the face of it: An unnecessary strike to the legs and push - minor in nature, major in outcome a few minutes later - a tragedy for all. Take away the heart attack (something a common assault like that would never cause in a normal healthy person) and you have, at best, a discipline, a possible dismissal and a payout for damages. As it stands we have the shouts from some quarters of `police beat innocent man to death`. I've had to use more force than that in ejecting stroppy customer from a pub. Lucky me, eh?

Stressed Out Cop said...


I agree 100% - SOC

Fred said...

Enjoyed your account - particularly of the peaceful nature of the climate camp. What therefore do you think of the tactics of leaving that all day - then smashing it up violently.

More bothered about that than the kettle personally

Unknown said...

I like the way there is a lovely blue badge to remind you what you are doing there, Oh yeah, it's cos you are are a "Police Officer" (instead of just POLICE like everywhere else in the country) in case you had forgotten who kept METropolis City crime free and safe.. yay!

Nice new yellow bit of kit though. Is that because the skanky old one wasn't safe to wear to G20 where foreign politicians might see it? :-)

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